Prices & Terms of Sale

Current Prices (in US Dollars) – on paper or in PDF

(Available to download – Arabian Charts Leaflet )

Charts available Prices
Ahl-al Shaikh$1,200
Saudi Arabia – Government and State Enterprises$2,800
Kuwait – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Bahrain– Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Qatar – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
UAE Federal Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Abu Dhabi – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Dubai – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Oman – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Iraqi – Government and State Enterprises$3,000
Prices as at May 2024 – prices subject to change


This is for clients who need the charts for the medium to long term – at least two years. Subscriptions work as follows:

  • Clients receive updated charts in PDF as they appear – some charts may be updated two or three times a year. Updates are marked with yellow patches.
  • Clients may print their own charts as and when they need. If they want to have charts sent from London, this can be arranged at printing cost.
  • If clients wants charts for printing without yellow patches they can ask me.
  • The understanding is that clients who subscribe to this service will continue to take the charts for several years. This is a quid pro quo for subscriptions costing a lot less than the total of the charts individually.
  • I am available to subscribers to answer their questions by telephone or email. I can sometimes add substantially to what is in the charts.
Subscriptions: Prices
The full set of all the Family Trees and Government charts$16,000
Ruling Family Trees or just the Government charts excluding Iraq$8,000
Saudi, Qatar or Abu Dhabi and UAE Federal charts$4,000
Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai and UAE Federal, or Oman charts$3,000
All 6 UAE charts – 3 family trees & 3 government charts$6,000
Iraq Government chart$2,000
Prices as at May 2024 – prices subject to change

Updated versions – prices: The charts are continually improved and updated. Clients who have bought charts on a one off basis, at the prices above, may buy new versions of their charts at any time. Clients who order charts regularly – every two or three versions or every two or three years – can buy updated charts at 50 per cent of the figures above.

Clients may buy more than one copy of any chart. Additional copies cost $300. Additional copies at this price are for clients’ own use only. They must not be given away to other companies or individuals.

Courier:  When documents are despatched by courier outside the UK clients pay the courier cost – for one to three charts about $80.

How to Buy and Pay: You tell me what charts you want by email or telephone. I send them to you along with a signed emailed invoice. I do not expect payment in advance, but I do ask clients to pay immediately they receive the charts. I trust them to do this. I assume when customers make an order that they have read and accepted these conditions. You can pay by bank transfer or card. With card payments I charge an additional 4% to reflect the fee charged to me by the card company.

Mounting charts

Displaying these charts can look amazing in board rooms and offices. Our suggested method would be to print and mount these charts between two sheets of acrylic and with a variety of stand offs, so they ‘float’ off the wall by about 20mm. These benefit from the ability to update the charts easily in the future (these charts change sizes but can rescale and supply to fit your frame – please stipulate this with new orders). We can supply these to any of your offices around the globe and David Marshall and Michael Field are able arrange this for you in the UK. For the Middle East we would recommend working with one of our vetted local suppliers who have experience in this work – please view our latest brochure to see our preferred local supplier.