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The trees contain every adult member of the families – male and female – who is active in any sphere of public life. In the smaller families all male members are included. Below each name is an objective profile, which includes such details as age, education, positions held in the past, current job, business interests, rôle in the family / reputation, wife/husband and children, and whatever other information seems relevant. In effect the trees are a guide to power, influence, connections and wealth in the most important parts of the Arabian establishment

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Our new version control on the PDF or print means you can see exactly the version you have to easily see how up to date you are and decide whether you need an update. 



NOTE: If you have an old chart, it is worth considering ordering the latest versions as they are updated regularly. You can check which version you have and how out-of-date your information is by checking the Version number at the top right of the print/pdf and compared with the ‘v’ reference below. New names are added and more information is given in the notes under the names regularly and governments have frequent reshuffles.

Current Charts Available:

Family trees:

  • Saud (Saudi Arabia) v34.0
  • Sudairi (Saudi Arabia) v4.2
  • Aal-al Shaikh (Saudi Arabia) v3.6
  • Sabah (Kuwait) v21.2
  • Khalifa (Bahrain) v21.3
  • Thani (Qatar) v27.1
  • Attiyah (Qatar) v9.4
  • Nahyan (Abu Dhabi) v29.5
  • Maktoum (Dubai) v22.2
  • Qassimi (Sharjah/Ras al Khaimah) v16.0
  • Busaidi (Oman) v13.0
  • Alaoui and advisers (Morocco) v1.1 
  • Hashemite (Jordan) v1.3

Government Organisation Charts:

  • Saudi Arabia– Government and State Enterprises v34.0
  • Kuwait – Government, Politics and State Enterprises v17.0
  • Bahrain – Government, Politics and State Enterprises v13.0
  • Qatar – Government and State Enterprises v20.0
  • UAE Federal Government and State Enterprises v10.1
  • Abu Dhabi  – Government and State Enterprises v36.1
  • Dubai – Government and State Enterprises v26.0
  • Oman – Government and State Enterprises v15.0
  • Iraq – Government and State Enterprises v1.0

The version numbers of charts advance regularly, as the charts are updated

Further family and government organisation charts will be added in the future, let us keep you informed by subscribing to updates from this site.