Prices & Terms of Sale

Current Prices (in US Dollars) – on paper or in PDF

(Available to download – Arabian Charts Leaflet )

Charts available Prices
Ahl-al Shaikh$1,200
Saudi Arabia – Government and State Enterprises$2,800
Kuwait – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Bahrain– Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Qatar – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
UAE Federal Government and State Enterprises$2,000
Abu Dhabi – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Dubai – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Oman – Government and State Enterprises$2,250
Prices as at April 2021

 Annual Subscriptions:  

Clients can subscribe to all the charts, with regular updates, for $15,000 a year. For this they get:

  • All updated charts in PDF as they appear – some charts may be updated two or three times a year. Updates are marked with yellow patches.
  • Clients may print their own charts as and when they need. If they want to have charts sent from London, this can be arranged at printing cost.
  • If clients wants charts for printing, this is upon request
  • Payment to be made within 30 days of the client receiving the annual invoice.
  • The understanding is that clients who subscribe to this service will continue to take the charts for several years. This is a quid pro quo for subscriptions costing a lot less than the total of the charts individually.
Part Subscriptions available Prices
Just the Ruling Family Trees or just the Government charts$7,500
Just the Saudi, Qatari or Abu Dhabi and Federal charts$3,000
Just the Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Dubai and Federal, or Omani charts$2,000
All 6 UAE charts – 3 family trees & 3 government charts$4,500
Prices as at October 2020

Updated versions – prices:  The charts are continually improved and updated. New names are added and more information is given in the notes under the names. Clients may buy new versions of their charts at any time.  Clients who order charts regularly – every two or three versions – can buy updated charts at 50 percent of the figures above.

Extra Copies:  Clients may buy more than one copy of any chart. Additional copies cost $300.  Additional copies at this price are for clients’ own use only.  They must not be given away to other companies or individuals.

Courier:  When documents are despatched by courier outside the UK clients pay the courier cost – for one or two charts about $70.

How to Buy and Pay: You tell me what charts you want by email or telephone. I send them to you along with a signed emailed invoice. I do not expect payment in advance but I do ask clients to pay immediately they receive the charts. I trust them to do this. I assume when customers make an order that they have read and accepted these conditions.

© Copyright –
The copyright of these charts belongs to Michael Field. If you are the buyer of a chart you must not sell it or give it away without the author’s permission, even if you buy an update. If you have a chart in PDF, you must not transfer it to the computer of another person outside your company.

Please do not buy these charts from anyone other than Michael Field or David Marshall. Buying from second-hand sources is illegal – it is a breach of copyright – and it results in clients buying out of date charts. 

Mounting charts

Displaying these charts can look amazing in board rooms and offices. Our suggested method would be to print and mount these charts between two sheets of acrylic and with a variety of stand offs, so they ‘float’ off the wall by about 20mm. These benefit from the ability to update the charts easily in the future (these charts change sizes but can rescale and supply to fit your frame). We can supply these to any of your offices around the globe and David Marshall and Michael Field are able arrange this for you in the UK. For the Middle East we would recommend working with one of our vetted local suppliers who have experience in this work.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman –  Integrate Advertising – Al Maktab Building, 6th Floor, Office 604, Al-Barsha First, Dubai. Gary Nigoghossian – +971 3 347 0741 This company produces large transparent plastic (acrylic) sheets which screw together with the charts between them. New charts – which may be bigger than previous versions – can easily be put in to replace old ones. I recommend this system. See the illustration in the PDF Sales Leaflet. The company can work with paper charts or from PDFs. Mounting can normally be done in about ten days. The company can ship charts to Abu Dhabi and Oman for a modest cost.

Abu Dhabi – Gulf Colour Film Photography works with the system of acrylic sheets mentioned above. Contact – Nikhil Shetty 02.677.3264 / 677.8994 050.492.9338 Bldg. No. 37, Tanker Mai Area (near to ADDC), opposite Zayed University, perpendicular to Delma Street (13th Street).

Qatar – Gulf Crafts, building 40, street 9, zone 81 of the New Industrial Area.
Contact – Levon Ohanian 4460.2002 mobile 7031.5212
This company can mount charts between acrylic sheets up to 3m long, which will involve printing some of the family tree charts to slightly smaller dimensions than shown below.

Kuwait – Al-Hafiz Signage Centre, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Street, Roomi Complex, Mirqab.
Sales manager – Faisal Jameel 2475.3123
2475.0150 9770.2648

Bahrain – For printing the Xerox Centre in Juffair 1781.5444
For mounting Union Plastics, Hidd, Muharraq 1773.8161 Contact Mr Aoun Kumar