The charts are the work of Michael Field, who has been involved in the Middle East for the last 35 years.

In the 1970s and 1980s he worked in the region as a journalist for the Financial Times.
He now has his own consultancy business working for companies investing in or trading with the region.

He is the author of five books.

A Hundred Million Dollars a Day
pub. Sidgwick & Jackson (1975)

The Merchants – The Big Business Families of Arabia
pub. in UK by John Murray (1984), in USA by Overlook (1986)

Inside the Arab World
pub. in UK by John Murray (1994), in USA by Harvard University Press (1995)

Ahmed Juffali – A Life in Business
pub. in UK by Profile Books (2011)

• From Unayzah to Wall Street – The story of Suliman Saleh Olayan
pub. in UK by John Murray (2000)

• Prince Turki AlFaisal Al Saud – The Afghanistan File 
pub. in UK by Arabian Publishing (2021)

The design, print and delivery logistics of these charts are managed by David Marshall

David has worked with Michael since this business was conceived in early 2000s and is based in the UK. He helps keep abreast of the latest news and changes within this charts and frequently updates their content, whilst ensuring they look great. David is also responsible for printing and distribution of the hard copies around the globe.

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